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Design Storeys is an interior design, styling and sourcing service that creates stylish & sustainable interiors – optimised for home health and wellbeing.

We collaborate with our clients to create relaxing homes to retreat and recharge in. Where possible we use sustainable, organic, vintage or upcycled furniture, as well as low VOC materials – to positively impact your home health, as well as the environment. Our style is also influenced by biophilic design principles, which incorporate natural tones, textures, light and plants to help strengthen our innate connection with nature – which in turn helps to elevate our mood, wellbeing and indoor air quality.

So, whether you are a busy professional looking to create tranquility at home, a first time buyer with a simple sourcing brief, or perhaps you’re looking to design a family home with health and wellbeing in mind – we have a range of remote or on-site services available.

Our services are available either on-site (London & East Sussex) or remotely via phone/email.