Color: Purple


This vibrant print by British artist Susi Bellamy is part of her "Colour As Commodity" series, which explores colour in fashion and ways in which these can be harnessed within a framework of geometric compositions.

"Working with both a limited colour palette and a limited group of components I have my tools for creation.  By working within these set boundaries I am able to play with various ideas within a framework that sets my choices but ultimately allows me autonomy to express" - Susi Bellamy on the inspiration for the collection. 

Dimensions: 420 x 297mm. Printed on white eggshell paper. Signed and numbered by the artist. Sold unframed.

Pre order for delivery up to 2 weeks. 

About the artist: UK artist Susi Bellamy explores the use of colour in her work, which ranges from painting to collage to photography. Her background as a fashion editor fuels her interest in creating collections of work led by the fashion colour palette which in turn lead to an editing process. She has an MA in Fine Art from Northumbria University, Newcastle and has lived in Florence, Italy and the USA. Susi Bellamy's work can be seen in collections internationally.