Colour: White


From Stockholm-based brand Selahatin, the Amorist whitening toothpaste combines the flavours of green mint, peppermint and menthol to freshen and brighten teeth. Made in Switzerland and backed by clinical research, this toothpaste is a unique fusion of aromas and clinical performance in one. A luxury component for any oral hygiene routine and a stylish, minimalist design for the bathroom. 

Selahatin’s whitening formula is developed with one of Switzerland’s leading oral care manufacturers, it contains four whitening agents as well as anti-oxidants. The formula has been vetted by The Swedish Dental Association and contains fluoride.

Volume: 75 ml. Aluminium tube. Dimensions: Length 150 mm, Width 30 mm, Diameter 30 mm.

About the brand:

Selahatin is a contemporary oral care brand. The brand's ambition is to elevate the experience of an essential everyday routine. Named from founder Kristoffer Vural’s grandfather, Selahatin draws inspiration from a part Nordic, part oriental heritage. By fusing classic spices with refreshening aromas Selahatin is representing a mix of eastern and western influences.

The brand’s products are characterised by their intricate and nuanced compositions, which are brought to life by carefully selected aromas from all corners of the word, while the brand's design is clinically minimalist accompanied by an artistic visual framework.