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Create your own indoor forest or wild flower paradise with these stunning vases from Scandinavian artist, Eva Levin. The minimal and elegant Glasilium vase was designed to showcase a single flower, branch or leaf in its most transparent form, giving the impression of the plant growing in nature itself when suspended in the vase.  The elegant copper steam and cork neck combine with the perfectly clear, rounded glass base to create a vase unlike any other. Arrange in a cluster to create a show stopping centre piece for any table or pay hommage to your favourite bloom in a stand alone feature. They also make beautiful oil pourer's, so fill with your favourite truffle or olive oil for a decadent dinner table feature Available in a range of sizes. 

Material: glass, copper & cork.  Dimensions: D6.5 x 11cm.

About the brand:

Scandinavia Form was founded by artist Eva Levin, and began with a curious ambition of experimenting with Scandinavian design in an alternative context, pushing boundaries in search of something new. She produces a series of award winning objects that are not only functional, but beautiful. Scandinavia Form has been nominated for the Design Award at the Formex Exhibition in Stockholm 2014, Consilium was nominated for the Design award, Formidable.  Soon after, a special edition vase was designed in collaboration with the Modern Museum for art in Stockholm.