Ruth & Joanna ROUND MIRROR 130cm


From Swedish furniture maker Ruth & Joanna, this round mirror available with polished brass, black or silver trim is a versatile piece, ideal for hanging in a bedroom, hallway, above a sideboard, and anywhere you'd like to emphasize space.

Dimensions 130cm Dia. Materials: Mirrored glass and polished brass.

Available to pre-order with delivery up to 4-6 weeks. Contact for specific shipping times.

About the brand:

Ruth & Joanna was founded in 2012 by Susanne Lundberg with a vision of bringing some glam and elegance to the interior scene of Scandinavia. After a few years as an interior blogger, editor and stylist Susanne thought something was missing in the market. She wanted to create furniture in which maximalistic materials meet minimalistic design, the best of two worlds.

The name came naturally; Ruth and Joanna are the names of her two grandmothers and is a celebration of their own unique style and attitudes. Ruth, who was born and raised in the north of Sweden, symbolizes the minimalistic Scandinavian side of the brand and Joanna, who comes from Ukraine, stands for the more maximalistic philosphy.