Colour: Multi


From Danish art house Paradisco Productions, the Haze print at first glance, presents a sharp contrast between the black and white lines, but at a closer glance Haze appears incredibly soft. The tones fuse together in a delicate transition, and the structures of the original artwork come through in a furry and gradiated tonal look.

Dimensions: 50 x 70 cm. Materials: Silk Satin paper, 200 g. FSC and Nordic Swan labelled.

Please allow 7-10 days delivery.

About the brand:

Paradisco Productions, based in Copenhagen and founded by Tina Rud McGrade, makes abstract, hand-painted artworks, printed on various surfaces from posters to large-scale canvases. Tina's previous experience as a fashion designer opened new realms of possibility. It was in recognising a new outlet for her imagination and creative abilities, and the urge to be surrounded by a bold and limitless environment, that she focused on putting her passion for inspiring people and skills to good use. The ambition of Paradisco Productions is to create edgy designs contrasting the delicate and industrial, which challenge the world of interior design.