Paia Copenhagen NO. 6 UNSCENTED SOY CANDLE 220g

Color: Yellow


Made from organically grown soy bean wax, this candle is from Danish brand Paia Copenhagen. Part of the Untitled candle collection the wax is unscented and comes in a wonderful coloured glass vessel that looks beautiful in the home. A simple, clean and decorative candle, perfect for dining or any time you’re in need of a  Hygge candle light glow. Packaged in a lovely branded box, making it the ideal hosting gift. 

Size: 200g. Materials: glass, organic cotton wick, soya wax. Details: burn time 40 hours. 

About the brand: 

Paia Copenhagen is a new Danish design brand founded in 2017. It believes in sustainable alternatives for the home, and is inspired by interior trends from all over the world and creating Nordic bliss. The collection features a series of scented and non scented candles, the wax made entirely of organic soy beans, which is a biodegradable and renewable resource. Each candle has an organic cotton wick for a clean, even burn and hand-poured it into a high quality, coloured reusable glass.