Colour: Pink


Designed by Florida based letterpress brand MC Pressure, these quirky doughnut coasters will appeal to the Homer Simpson and the sweet tooth in anyone! Printed onto high quality heavy paper, these circular coasters have various styles of doughnut sprinkles and bites, debossed onto each in pale candy pink ink. Keep the doughnut rings on the coasters, and not on your furniture.

Each pack contains 12 coasters: 4 designs in pack, 3 of each design.

About the brand:

M.C. Pressure is a custom letterpress and hot foil stamp shop, launched in 2014 to celebrate the traditional and tactile art of printmaking over clean precise digital design. Initially operated from a small press on a kitchen table in St. Augustine, Florida, the company has since grown with new presses, an expanded line and collaborations on several custom designs.

M.C. Pressure uses an original 1958 Heidelberg letterpress, which inks and de-bossed the hand sketched designs to paper, creating a texture that is exclusive to the craft of letterpress. For hot foiling it uses a Heidelberg GTP machine from 1972, which heats up a copper die and then presses the design into foil and lays it into the paper. 

Printmaking feels special in that it allows for a handmade touch. The old technology of the presses combines with new graphic design techniques. This pairing creates something that feels one of a kind and is something that you will want to hold onto.