Les Ottomans MOUSTACHE JUG 2

Color: White
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Les Ottomans MOUSTACHE JUG 2


This playful Moustache Jug from Les Ottomans is available in 2 different styles, so you can choose your favourite expression. Hand made in Italy from ceramic, it is a unique addition to any home and will bring personality to your table.

Dimensions: 20 cm x H 26 cm. Material: Ceramic. Handmade in Italy. 

About the brand:

Bertrando di Renzo created Les Ottomans through his love for Turkey, which he has explored extensively over the span of many years. Inspired by the exoticism of the Bosphorus and the charm of the Turkish baths, Les Ottomans is the unusual that affirms the uniqueness of your home. Bertrando’s exquisite collection brings together east and west, tradition and innovation. His sophisticated pillows, carpets and plates are both functional and elegantly decorative making a home warm and unique, thanks to their bright colours, their precious exotic fabrics and their rich textures.