Color: Multi


From Swedish brand Layered, the modern Oriental collection is inspired by the Moroccan rug culture in a modern vintage way. Each pillow is tufted with its own unique symbols that together have a story to tell, such as love, strength or wisdom. The pattern in the Maroc pillow symbolises fertility and the carpet's Bird symbol is also said to carry a divine force that can ward off accident.

Dimensions: 60 cm x 40 cm. Pile length 30-40 mm. Materials: wool. Care: These pillows may fuzz initially, we recommend regular vacuuming. The fuzzing will subside after a while.

About the brand: 

Layered combines a modern expression with a timeless design and create rugs and furniture for every room. 
Scandinavian design, exclusive materials, and handwoven quality is the main focus in all of our production.