Colour: Multi


Poured with sustainable coconut wax and master perfumer scents in Brooklyn, NY, by independent candle maker Keap, the Discovery Set includes four scented tea light candles. Perfect as a gift or a treat for yourself - enjoy and explore the Keap fragrances of Wild Figs, Lavender & Petals, Citrus, and Cotton Magnolia. The set arrives smartly packaged, with a stylish matchbox-inspired slide design and also contains a convenient box of matches.

Included scents:

Wild Figs - The sensuous aroma of freshly plucked wild figs and bramble berries. Key notes of Fig, Rockrose, Blackcurrent, Blackberries and Musk.

Lavender & Petals - Delicate petals and lavender stalks, fresh and dewy, lie strewn on the kitchen table. Key notes of Lavender, Lavandin, Gardenia, Mimosa and Neroli.

Citrus - A bright, happy day beginning with the optimistic zest of pure, clear citrus fruits. Key notes of Grapefruit, Yuzu, Lime, Tangerine and Bergamot.

Cotton & Magnolia - On the veranda, the scent of magnolia on a light breeze, flirts with freshly laundered linen. Key notes of Magnolia, Cotton, Sage, Clary Sage, White Woods and Jasmine.

Dimensions of box: W 6 cm, L 25 cm. 

About the brand:

Founded by room mates on Keap Street in Brooklyn, NY, Keap has a mission to make better candles. That means great scents, clean design and using the purest, most sustainable materials possible. In partnership with SolarAid, each Keap candle sold supports the distribution of solar lamps to communities in need through the company's Buy a Candle, Light a Home program.

Keap's founders Steve and Harry say: "There’s a lot to love about scented candles - fine fragrance and a flickering flame transform a space, take you on a journey and inspire you to power down. But we never understood why it was impossible to buy a candle that not only smelled and looked great, but didn’t cost a fortune. Candles were either cheap, toxic and fake smelling, or way too expensive."

The pair sought to change this with their own brand and after a lot of research and perfumery courses, began making candles in their home kitchens, and toured candle manufacturers to see how the process could be improved. Keap was born soon after and they hope to inspire people to "power down" and "keep the fire burning."