Part of Foto Factory's Denmark photographic series, which focuses on the serenity, grandeur and majesty of Danish nature, this serene photo of beach houses at Løkken Beach in North Jutland is one of our favourites. The photo was taken one late afternoon, where the clouds have gathered over the beach and the low-hanging sun breaks through casting long shadows from the houses toward the dunes. The white beach houses at Løkken beach are a symbol of the North Sea idyll, and they look particularly dramatic set against the dark sky on a day in late summer.

This poster is available unframed or framed, and in three sizes. Details: Printed on heavy, acid-free paper with a matte surface ensuring natural colours and authentic light. Print size: 50 x 70cm, unframed.

About the brand:

Foto Factory produces beautiful photographic posters that show nature in all its colours, shapes and textures. Created by photographers  and couple Maria Rosendal and Martin Bay, who share a passion for nature and photography, travelling far and wide together with their daughter Alberte on a quest for exciting new, photo adventures. They share a passion for capturing both the grandiose beauty and minute details found in nature, often braving the artic winds of Scotland and Scandinavia in pursuit of the perfect light.