Design House Stockholm WICK CHAIR ASH

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Created for Scandinavian brand Design House Stockholm by Karl Malmvall and Jesper Ståhl, the Wick chair is an extraordinary dining chair, crafted in bended wood that combines strength, stability and air. A modern interpretation of a traditional modular chair design, inspired by the plaited design of a Scandinavian wood-chip basket. It's sleek, curvy shape and elegant interwoven design in wood is an achievement in product design. “There are limits to how much one can bend wood,” Karl Malmvall explains. “That was why we decided on the plaiting.”

Dimensions: H 75 cm x W 57 cm x D 50.5 cm. Seat height 44 cm. Seat: wood veneer; legs: solid wood.

Seat cushion: The Wick chair seat cushion is made from 100% wool and can be purchased separately. Dimensions of cushion: Width: 38 cm, Depth: 38 cm, Height: 1 cm.

About the designers:

With roots in the province of Småland where so much of the skills and expertise of the Swedish furniture industry have developed, both Karl Malmvall and Jesper Ståhl come from families that have manufactured furniture, with parents and grandparents who started successful companies that they have developed and refined. In Karl’s case there was a tradition of fine cabinetmaking while Jesper’s ancestors redirected a metal manufactory to become a successful pioneer in the field of public-sector furnishing. Their lengthy experience of designing furniture and other products both for the home and for the public sector has given the duo a detailed understanding of the criteria for a modular shell chair.