Color: Black


Designed for apartment no. 50 at Le Courbusier’s ‘Cite Radieuse’ in Marseille, the Phare Lamp’s aesthetic was centred on the idea of creating a fully recyclable product that would become a versatile everyday companion. A lamp that could correspond to the landmark’s style and improve its inhabitant’s daily comfort. Designed for Menu by Stanislaw Czarnocki, Phare transforms into a daily companion that can be freely placed, hung or taken outside as long as conditions are dry according to need. Whether standing or hanging, it is not a lamp to be utilized in merely one spot, but celebrated for its versatility. Designed by Stanislaw Czarnocki for Danish design house Menu

Dimensions: H 23 cm, W 13 cm, D 13.5 cm. Materials: Crafted out of aluminum for 100% recyclability, durability and lightness. Sphere is made of injected plastic, offering long-term durability and safety (both for the lamp and user).

Care: To keep the internal battery healthy, only leave the Phare lamp plugged in during charging, with the lamp off. Do not leave plugged in while in use.

About the designer:

Warsaw-based design studio Umiar believes in the true value of “normal” objects – clear and functional forms, following a transparent process that pay close attention to every detail; the essence of what makes objects good to live with. Working on projects that focus on lengthy research, human well-being is at the heart of what Umiar does and successfully.