by Emily Murray, Pad's contributing lifestyle editor and founder/editor of award winning blog The Pink House

If you’re a colour lover maximalist like me, chances are the concept of ‘Scandi’ décor doesn’t really do it for you. And I get it: you’re thinking white on grey, hardly any furniture, bare walls, bare floors, and absolutely no neon whatsoever. Where’s the fun in that?

But hold on just a minute, because there’s a new Scandi in town: introducing the home décor aesthetic increasingly seen in some of the world’s coolest homes…Scandi Boho!

Now, the Boho side of Scandi is a look I can really get on board with, and I’ll bet it’s going to appeal to those who like things a little more pared back, too. Yes, there’s some of the clean, bright, minimal vibe we expect from Scandi, but throw in some Boho and you get an arty, eclectic edge to soften things up. Plus – gasp! – a dash of colour. No wonder it’s such a hit.

The key to Sca-Bo is finding a perfect balance between the Scandi and the Boho, as per my mood board, above, created using Pad products (for the product details check out the listing at the end of this post). Here’s my guide to getting the look in five simple steps…

1) Start with a white floor

Light painted floorboards are ideal as a base, and Designers Guild paint, as sold at Pad, has a fabulous range of brights. I particularly like their chalky whites, with a hint – or more than a hint – of grey: check out Polished Cement, Alabaster, Whitewash and Chalk.


2) Soften up your space

This is where you start to loosen things up. Go as large as your room will allow, bringing the boho into all corners of your space with an artisan rug that’s just longing to be lounged upon. If you prefer to keep things neutral, colour-wise, how about this beautiful “Gimme Coffee” rug by Berlin rug house The Knots. It’s super-cosy, with a classic Berber-inspired geometric design, using natural charcoal and ivory dyes.


Or if you can’t resist a shot of pink (guilty), this “Pioneer Works” vintage rug, also from The Knots, has been stone-washed and over-dyed to give it that wonderful, washed-out feel.


3) Add some arty-luxe lounging

Nothing says boho like a day bed (except, perhaps, Sienna Miller in fringed cowboy boots), and this wool-and-oak beauty by Bloomingville also gives a nod to the Scandi side. Practical plus: it folds out into a double bed, should your guests find themselves so chilled out in your stylish home that they have no option but to stay the night. 

Layer it up with an eclectic selection of cushions: I love the Saavan (a Hindu word meaning welcoming the first rain after the dry, hot months) by British textile designers Nichola Taylorson, who took water ripples as the inspiration for this dyed indigo design. Add tassels and texture with this Bloomingville cushion, so very boho-luxe that I’d put money on Kate Moss having one in her home. After something cosy to cuddle up to on those dark Nordic nights? Forget the husband and look no further than Bloomingville’s pure Mongolian lambswool. Bliss.


4) The well-designed details

These are about keeping things natural, but with a contemporary twist. So it’s a big YES to neon (yay!), as long as it’s this neon white cloud light by Bxxlght.

Add a sculptural element with this organic tray set from Pols Potten, fashioned from natural plantation teak and perfect for carrying a few glasses of glogg. Or if it’s coffee you’re after, make sure you drink it from Bloomingville’s blue Sandrine ceramic mug with its ocean-blue glaze.


5) Go boheme-green

Green is the best accent colour in your Scandi Boho scheme, and there’s no better way to add it than with actual greenery – either real, faux or in a picture. Display an abundance of plants at varying heights in these minimal Menu wire bases.

Or if you (like me) have problems remembering to water your plant babies, try the Pikaplant Jar – coffee plants from Africa which come with their own eco system, meaning no need for H2O– genius. Finally, for a full wall of no-fuss fabulous foliage you can’t go wrong with Lacroix’s stunning palm tree mural, included in my mood board.


So there you go: your five-step plan to Scandi Boho perfection. Peace out, man!


Products in Emily's fabulously styled mood board (clockwise from top left):

1. Christian Lacroix, Croisette Rainette, wallpaper panels, £522 per roll

2. Bxxlght, Neon Cloud Light, £295

3. Kelly Hoppen, Rotan Pendant, £59

4. Bloomingville, Bulky Day Bed, £1399

5. Design House Stockholm, Demi Lamp, from £239

6. Nichola Taylorson, Saavan Pompom Cushion, £88

7. The Knots, "Pioneer Works" Vintage Rug, £1189

8. Bloomingville, Calm Armchair, £899

9. Pols Potten, Teak Tray Set, £105

10. Pikaplant, Coffee Plant Jar, £59.99