With the passing of New Year and all the twinkly lights packed away, it's no wonder January can look and feel a tad glum. Still in darkness, it seems a little sad not to keep the lights up for a little longer. Like the Scandinavian's we like to embrace anything that can elevate our mood. A new lighting scheme can turn gloomy mornings and dark evenings into something all together more fun and special. So what better time to give you a little illuminating inspiration for your homes!

Transforming interiors into winter havens can simply be a distribution of fabulous lamps, or a completely new configuration of ceiling pendants to create a fresh new look. The possibilities with lighting are endless, and, with a few subtle changes the effect can be amazing. 


At Pad we love to create a soft ambient glow with vintage-style LED bulbs, together with some wow pieces, like the Tom Dixon Melt pendant. Although it looks like glass, it's actually a surprisingly lightweight acrylic sculptural shade. When it's illuminated it creates a really amazing effect of molten metal, and when off it has a gorgeous mirror finish. On or off this pendant is a stunner. Bold enough to hang on its own, but truly amazing when hung in a cluster in varying sizes to create a very modern take on a chandelier. It's also available in three finishes with brass, copper and silver to suite your scheme.

Owing to new developments in lighting design, the choice of bulb shapes and styles are hugely varied and, as you'd expect, long lasting and beautifully finished. One of our favourites is the gorgeous LED bulb design from Tala lighting. These have beauty and function in spades. Made from blown glass the shapes of these bulbs are stunning and are hung with beautiful solid brass holders. Inspired by organic forms and the natural world, the refraction of light from the inner filament creates a dimensional, beautiful atmosphere. Hang in a line or cluster over a dining table or kitchen island to create your own bespoke arrangement by playing with different cord lengths. Just this month Tala has launched a super size version of their Voronoi bulb, now coming in small, medium and large, which we hope to install in the Pad Lifestyle store this Spring.



For function and purity it's hard to beat the Control Light from Scandinavian brand Muuto. Designed by TAF Architects it features a metal powder coated plate and a clean round bulb which you can dim or brighten using the rather satisfying, tactile dimmer dial. It's a compact, streamlined piece and is great for Scandi interiors and funky offices. Perfect on a table or desk or even on a shelf combined with your books and plants, at the glow setting of your choice.



Also from Muuto, the Unfold range of ceiling pendants are fantastic for creating a playful design with an industrial aesthetic. Designed by Form Us With Love and inspired by industrial steel lighting they are actually made from silicone rubber with a pliable matt finish and are available in various fun colours to punctuate your space. 





Another of our favorite Danish brands is Menu, which has a vast array of fabulously styled lighting designs from various designers. One that's caught our eye recently is the introduction of the TR Bulb, combined with their iconic brass Chambers chandelier by Soren Rose Studio. With a slender brass 5 arm frame spanning out from a central point and combined with the diffused glass orbs, this really is the height of sophistication and elegance. It's minimal yet made with luxury materials and is simply gorgeous hung low over a dining table or in a lounge area.



Another exciting launch is from Swedish brand Design House Stockholm. Created by Alexander Lervik, the Luna light has just been revealed and we're really excited to see it. An innovator of combined concept design, unlikely partnerships and innovations, Alexander sought to improve the well known classic globe pendant.


To many, another globe light may seem superfluous to requirement. It's a classic shape, and with so many on the market, it's maybe a common understanding to assume the style has been 'done'. Not so. Alexander has made the ultimate Globe pendant light; one which is fully lit and casts no shadows. The full glow is achieved with the glass construction, including the lid. All internal parts are transparent, made from clear acrylic, which allows uninterrupted light. The appearance is very much like a smooth, clear full moon and hung in rows and various sizes is a real statement.


If minimal isn't your thing and you want something a little more glamorous, you really can't go wrong with embracing a little Jonathan Adler in your life. With his stunning interpretations of Mid-Century style, with added bling, you will be in Maximalist heaven. The Meurice chandelier is so stunning it will have your dinner guests swooning!


Dutch brand Pols Potten can always be relied upon to show us how individual table lamps can be used to create curious accents in a room. And, if you fancy being a little more daring, our all time favorite is the Hiding Lady Lamp, which will definitely warrant some comments, and perhaps some blushes. Taking pride of place in our fresh design at Harvey Nichols Style Consierge in Edinburgh, we love her! 




Finally, lets talk NEON! We adore the creative neon ranges from independent labels Bxxlght from Sweden and London based Bag and Bones. With the cutest flamingo's, cacti, little hearts, big lips, swallows and moons. And best of all if you want to make something truly unique to you, as we did for Harvey Nichols, you can have your own words created in any colour and font you wish.

The possibilities are endless and really exciting! Unlike the neons of old, the new generation of neons are energy efficient, extremely long lasting, quiet and made from a flexible tubing with lightweight perspex backing, instead of traditional heavy, breakable glass. Place on a bookshelf, or hang on your wall to give your space a real focal point. 

For a retro look, turn to the light boxes and position a great 'Bonjour' or 'Aloha' light in a hallway for a great welcome to you and your guests. Or, create your own funky slogan on the large box. With a full compliment of letters and characters, feel free to be as literal as you like!


With all of these wonderful options, these darker months are the best time to show off and enjoy these fabulous pieces. Its time to have fun with it and lighten up!

For information on any of our lighting brands (we have so many more!) we'd love to help you design a new scheme so pop in to our Edinburgh store or contact us at