We are always intrigued to hear what the influences and drivers are behind new brands we collaborate with. Never more so, than when the founder of a personal venture has an inspiring and life fulfilling story to the creation of their brand.

Jessica Seaman is the founder of a new British luxury scented candle business. Her venture began with a chance meeting in a train station, and the kindness shown to her by another lady when she needed it the most. The other lady's name was Lara Quin and this is the story...

"At about 8 months pregnant, and having had some devastating news, I sat crying quietly in a corner of the train station coffee shop. A woman, with a kind smile, tapped me on the shoulder and gave me a huge cup of hot chocolate and proceeded to embrace me in a giant bear hug. She didn't ask what was wrong, simply told me that everything would be a little brighter tomorrow. Her name was Lara Quin.

"It's amazing how such a simple act of kindness could really lift someone's spirits and I've never forgotten her. So wherever you are in the world Lara Quin, thank you. This one's for you."

As a thank you for the warmth and light felt on that day, Jessica felt there was no better way to recognise the positive energy bestowed upon her, than to create a company that offered the same, and name it after her kind stranger. She hopes that others will feel the benefit of the love and care that went into making each of her soy candles, when they burn their own at home.

Made in England and hand poured in small batches at Jessica's studio, the candles are really charming and unique, being inspired by the healing powers of Gemstones. Jessica explains: "I love gemstones. Their healing powers are well documented, but for me, it's an inner peace I feel to have them around. Rose Quartz bouncing off lots of love, a little Smoky Quartz by my bed to help me sleep and Crystal Quartz when I need to clear my mind. 

"The essence we gather comes from a lengthy process of energising the stones from sunrise to moonlight. It's a labour of love. But one I wouldn't be without. The essence is then blended with essential oils to make the finished candle not only smell stunning, but give a little love and happiness in the process."

The range, which is available in two sizes and comes beautifully wrapped in individual monochrome gift boxes, features beautiful blends, every candle designed for a different mood. Using pure essential oils of Orange, Jasmine, Neroli, Fig and more, each is combined with other scents to create a truly enveloping experience, which continues long after the wick is blown out.

The fragrances really are heavenly, we're sure you'll agree. There is also a fab 'Little Box of Love' available featuring three mini sized candles each one with extra Rose Quartz essence - perfect for a Valentines gift!

Shop the Lara Quin range at Pad Lifestyle, in store or online, and create a sense of wellbeing in your own home.