Pad's boutique coordinator Mercedes Somerville tells us more about the delectable intricacies of independent New York label, Keap Candles, and the founders' mission to 'Make Candles Better.'


Much like us, the fellows behind Keap, Steve and Harry, are suckers for a good candle. Back when the two were simply flatmates on Keap Street in Brooklyn, the two would light a candle every night, constantly hunting for the best of the best. Their company began as a pet project seeing them spending their free time taking perfumery courses and touring manufacturers. This sparked in them a desire to bring high quality, responsibly made candles to an audience larger than that they could fit in their living room.



The pair wanted to achieve a scent that would trigger fond memories in each of their customers of times spent in nature. Fragrances that could delight, recharge and transport them to nature-inspired memories. The Citrus scent for example, has been created to evoke, "the zestiness of citrus fruit just ripe - winter lemons, oranges and mandarins - and the freshness of citrus leaves wafting from your hands as you crush them. Perfect for a room filled with optimism, or days in need of a happy glow. Notes of Orange, Bergamot, Lemon, Grapefruit, Ylang and Cinamon Bark.



Keap collaborates with legendary master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel (1 of only 200 of such perfumers in the world!) to create exactly the scent they imagine. They might want to create “the way an apple’s skin smells after you rub it,” which the perfumer interprets and adds to the composition of a thousand other carefully selected elements. After adjusting a dozen times more the final scent is chosen.

The Wild Figs scent evokes the sensuous aroma of freshly plucked wild figs and bramble berries, featuring notes of Figs, Fig leaves, Rockrose (Labdanum), Blackcurrent, Blackberries and Hawthorn. Sublime in my book and it really does take you there!



Of course, quality is of the utmost importance for Keap, so they use the finest fragrances and purest materials they can. They are completely transparent about their ingredients and use the most sustainable ones available. At present they use coconut wax, which is sustainably produced, clean and slow-burning - it's their choice over cheaper, toxic alternatives. They are also working to develop a new blend where they source the oils and waxes directly from farms giving them their own organic, fair-trade, rainforest alliance certified, all-natural concoction.

Listen to Steve and Harry's video, talking about their inspiring journey to launch Keap and to make candles better...



And if you want to feel even more guiltless for buying one of these delectable products, 25% of their net profit goes to their “Light a Candle, Light a Home” project. This is in partnership with charity SolarAid who combat poverty and climate change. 



Excuse me while I go buy one of each, I'm basically saving the planet…

There are so many reasons to check these guys out and we are so pleased to be Steve and Harry's first stockist in the UK. Currently we stock Keap's Waves, Citrus, Cotton Magnolia and Wild Figs candles, each with a 50 hour burn time and come complete with a handy box of matches and coaster (they really have thought of everything!). 



But if you're struggling to choose which one to try first (and who could blame you) we also stock the fantastic Keap discovery set featuring mini tea light sizes of Wild Figs, Lavender and Petals, Citrus and Cotton Magnolia scents all packaged up beautifully to light up and enjoy.