An exciting new collaborator with Pad, who has contributed some stunning signed prints of her work to our lifestyle collection, is Canadian artist Erin Armstrong. 

With her striking and unique style she has become renowned here, and internationally, as a leading contemporary artist. Recently selected by Saatchi Art as their "One To Watch" and by Saatchi Art's chief curator, Rebecca Wilson, as one of "20 Emerging Artists in the World to Follow", we are honoured to have Erin's work here at Pad.

Specialising in figurative, bold paintings and quick pencil drawings, Erin conveys her models in everyday situations that create an other worldly and almost dream like feel. Her work possesses an expressive quality, full of colour and driven by atmosphere, which is perfect for modern interiors.


Painting mainly in acrylic, her work is a combination of loose, fluid shapes and forms, contrasted with decisive marks and bold strokes. The development of her own personal painters technique has been practised over time, resulting in today's unique style. We caught up with Erin to find out more about her life as an artist and what inspires her.

Erin says: "When I began I wasn't as confident or experienced as a painter. Over time I loosened up everything from my concepts to my brush strokes. I think my work has become much more organic and decisive than it was maybe even two years ago. Now I don't overthink things as much, I let my hand lead my head and not the other way around. It results in, hopefully, more interesting and honest work."

Bloom To the Dissolve:

Inspired by the interactions of people every day, Erin translates form and feeling beautifully. Preferring to suggest shape and hint at atmosphere, as opposed to painting in a realist fashion, she allows the viewer to interpret her work as they wish."

Way of Jackson:


She says: "I get inspired most by people who aren't just slavishly copying a photograph or literal idea. People who really think outside the box to create any type of creative work are very inspiring to me. It shows the expanse the mind has when pushed past the literal and into something much more elevated."

Lucid Born:

"My work looks into the human imagination as it is expressed visually. I'm particularly intrigued by the ways in which the mind can conjure new and future worlds by piecing together memory, experience and mobilising the ability of the mind's eye to render a non-reality in visual terms. I draw on the genre of portraiture as a foundation for these explorations. But, I choose to depict not a person or sitter, but an atmosphere or sensation expressed inside the formal qualities of human shapes."




Erin's artwork is wonderfully intriguing and looks fabulous hung in a contemporary home. Her relaxed figures are ethereal and richly toned and we also adore the contrasting simple facial outlines of her drawn portrait series, with the bold use of colour in the clothing of her characters.





Pad Lifestyle is super proud to showcase Erin's work in our collection, we have a series of four original, framed pencil and pen drawings, as well as this new collection of prints, which are available to purchase unframed or framed. Shop here.

Come visit us in Edinburgh or online to check them out!