The story of Design House Stockholm may be known by some, but it's such a great story we love to tell it anyway.

The brand has become renowned for being a platform for fabulous Scandinavian design and nurturing independent designers. In much the same way that a publishing house operates, Design House Stockholm invites designers to present their personal ideas and product designs. Some of these are then selected for development and production. Very much focused upon timeless design covering all aspects of lifestyle design that transcends trends, Design House Stockholm seeks to find products with personality and character. 

This brings us to the brand's latest range of home textiles, designed by Nina Jobs. The Melange cushion collection is an exciting and colourful meeting between Scandinavian design and traditional Thai craftsmanship. Working directly with Thai weavers Nina has created six beautiful unique patterns that are all intricately woven by hand.

But more than this, Nina's work has helped to change lives too. Something it's good to acknowledge and reflect upon, especially at this time of year. The Melange project was the result of Nina Jobs' long-term collaboration with the Kids Ark Foundation in north-western Thailand. 


Founded in 2000 in Chiang Mai province, by Swedes Rita Holm Gustafsson and Allan Gustafsson, Kids Ark aims to improve the desperate situation faced by children who have lost their parents due to HIV/Aids. What started as a sponsorship programme, to enable orphaned children living with relatives to attend school, the project has grown to include activities that make it possible for women to work together to increase their incomes by making crafts. Thereby improving the home conditions for the orphaned children.


For almost ten years Nina has nourished a dream of collaborating on designs with the women’s cooperative that the organization supports. And having brought the idea to Design House Stockholm to create the collection it has been an instant hit, and of course full of personality.

Nina's own design signatures include a pared down aesthetic and a clear-cut relationship to nature, developed from her background as a graphic designer, and further studies in product design at the Ecole Nationale Supériuere des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. She has worked with companies like IKEA, Uniqlo, MoMA, Askul Japan, Gärsnäs, Abstracta and Ericsson. Nina has also been working for the Swedish Government to curate Swedish Design and Architecture exhibitions in Asia and the US.

Attributed to her background over several disciplines of design, Nina has a wealth of experience and has a versatile outlook. With a hands-on approach, working directly with weavers she encouraged a very fluid method of working in which the weavers sketched the designs with thread. No computer programmes involved as would usually be the case in the textile industry. With the beauty of traditional local craft meeting design, the nature of the material is shown at its best. The colour combinations and contrasts of the threads are beautifully harmonious, vibrant and surprising. 

We're so happy to include the entire Melange collection at PAD. The back story is so wonderful and inspiring and this really is what design and collaboration is all about. To shop the collection please stop by our store in Edinburgh or visit us online.