We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with two amazing young designers for a new PAD project that sees art, textile design and fashion collide in the creation of two limited edition slippers, produced by Manchester luxury shoe brand Taschka and artist Hatti Pattisson from Edinburgh.   

At PAD we love to collaborate with designers from all over the world, not only to bring our customers our unique edit of home and fashion from iconic international brands and hugely talented independent labels, but also to develop exciting new exclusive collections. 
With this latest project we introduced Natascha Rahiani, founder of luxury shoe brand Taschka, with the talented Saatchi-listed contemporary artist Hatti Pattisson.

Hatti's art work celebrates the vibrancy and uplifting spirit of flowers in full bloom and the beauty of the sea and wind swept shorelines in Scotland. In recent years she has masterfully transferred paint brush to textiles with a collection of luxury cushions, upholstery fabrics and glorious large scale lamp shades.
The result of this unique collaboration is exquisite; an adaptation of the ever-popular Taschka JAI Velvet slipper with a digitally printed velvet bow made using two of Hatti's popular designs, “In Bloom” and “Into the Blue.”


Each pair of shoes is expertly crafted at Taschka's workshop in Portugal in the finest Italian leather with contrasting patent finishes and coordinating trims. Now available to buy exclusively at PAD at our store in Edinburgh and online. You really have to come and try them on!

It has been such an inspiring process for us at PAD to see this project come to fruition and it really is super exciting to be finally launching the finished shoes. To tell you a little bit more about the collaboration and the two designers, we sat down with Natascha and Hatti for a Q&A session! 

1 – What made you say yes, when this opportunity came knocking with PAD?

Hatti: I've loved Tascka's designs since I first saw her shoes at PAD Lifestyle. They are really strong on quality and she cleverly pairs different textures and patterns, bringing an element of play to her work, which makes them uniquely hers. Since branching out into textiles, collaboration opportunities have cropped up in several directions but fashion opens up a whole world of options for my fabrics. Although I've worked with award winning designer and close friend Judy R Clark, on a line of her stunning tailored coats where we inserted flashes of my fabric into the design, I have never worked with shoes before. This was definitely something I wanted to explore, especially with Taschka, a designer I was passionate about, so I leapt at the opportunity to work with Natascha and PAD's founder Anna.
Natascha: Having fallen in love with Hatti's textiles when visiting PAD last year, Anna introduced us and we hit it off straight away, both getting creative from the offset and conjuring up ideas for a collaborative shoe. I had been looking to work with an artist to create a special line of shoes and so this was the perfect opportunity and I adore Hatti's open minded approach to design.

2. What was your approach for this collaboration and where did you start?

Hatti – First we had to establish which shoe to begin with. The streamlined slipper shoe with the bow detail is already part of Natascha's core range. We felt it lent itself quite naturally to the project, where we could use a block colour to stage the artwork fabric on the feature bow. Getting the sections of fabric to align in the best way to showcase “In Bloom” was tricky. It took hours in the studio with lots of origami paper printed bows, made by Victoria from my team, who had been helping us coordinate the project.


Natascha – We sat for hours amongst thousands of fabric, leather and colour swatches, playing with combinations until we felt we had the mix that best represented both of our brands – fun, bold and versatile. My JAI velvet shoe and bow are a classic in the Taschka collection and a favourite with my customers, so it seemed the perfect choice to team it with Hatti's beautiful fabric. By creating the main elements of the shoe in patent leathers, it really enhances the luxe feel of the velvet bow. Combined with a contrast trim, the results are stylish and original – the perfect statement flats.


3. For people who aren't familiar with your brands yet, what does this collaboration teach them about your work?

Hatti – I often describe my paintings as 'emotive landscapes' – this is to say they are an expression of my reaction to the world around me. My textiles are a further exploration of that. I hope that this collaboration shows people how the fabrics I create embody the range of different moods, from the fun floral intensity of “In Bloom” to the sophisticated inkiness of “Into the Blue.”


Natascha – I think it highlights the versatility of the Taschka brand. The key elements of my shoes are comfort, style and quality. Each pair is handmade in our workshop in Portugal by artisans from two generations. We aim to bring luxury to everyday living and using Hatti's art for the bow detail has added a further dimension to this. I spent considerable time developing the signature Taschka shape, to ensure it was the most flattering for all sizes. It's the ideal canvas to host the work of artists, illustrators and textile designers, as the classic yet contemporary shape lends itself well to juxtaposing textures.

4. How important for you is collaboration with other designers? 

Hatti – I personally really enjoy collaborating, though I've always been really particular in choosing who with. It's important to work with people you can really explore ideas with, without having clashes of creativity or personality. It's a truly creative experience, not something that can be forced and I have been really lucky that my collaborations have all led to lasting friendships as well as successful projects. 
Natascha – I feel very strongly about collaborating as it brings a whole new dimension for the brands involved, and allows experimentation with designers who you feel are on the same creative wave length. It keeps products fresh and of course it is always uplifting and inspiring to be in the company of like minded people with the goal of creating something exciting. Customers who look for original fashion pieces are drawn to collaborations as they are limited editions and the ultimate seasonal treasure.

5. What inspired you to become the designer that you are today?

Hatti – A genuine passion for what I do. There have been tough and euphoric times. You need a burning desire for what you do to ride the wave. I will paint and create till I'm an old lady – you don't retire from something that makes you feel alive!
Natascha – I always envisaged starting a brand of my own, to put my passion into a product that I feel people will love. The shoe industry can be extremely competitive and full of challenges when you are working with manufacture, but embracing this is all part of the fast paced world of fashion and fuels my goals. Trying on the final, finished shoe is a feeling that will always be special, it has turned from an inspired moment on my travels, to a sketch, to a wearable pair of shoes.

6. How would you best describe your personal style?

Hatti – Not overdone. Classic with a bit of eccentricity thrown in. I have a mixed wardrobe of charity shop treasures, beloved hand me downs, designers pieces and high street staples. I enjoy pairing something classic with something more unusual, or I may wear something with a sports edge to keep it casual. I go through lazy comfort stages and times when I experiment and enjoy dressing up. It's all about how I feel on the day. Looks could be a long Burberry Mac with Taschka's insanely sparkly pink LAX shoes, or a cream Judy R Clark Victorian shirt with torn jeans and high heels. I think if you are wearing a pretty item it's good to mix it with something tailored with harder lines to keep a balance. Otherwise, I'm running around in Edinburgh doing errands and deliveries in my trainers with odd socks, a warm waterproof, something furry or a Barbour.
Natascha – Most days I am all about accessories. Hats, scarves, sunglasses, the more the merrier! I choose my shoes first of course, and then pick which one of my 97 strong scarf collection to pair with them, followed by lipstick colour. Pattern and colour make me the happiest, particularly in our not-so-sunny climate, so I make sure I have at least one brightly coloured piece on, usually with slim fit trousers, skinny jeans or a shift dress. I love to collect clothing and accessories on my travels and try to buy a statement item everywhere I visit. I love the nostalgia and memories it adds to my wardrobe. I am very much dictated by my mood when it comes to styling my outfit, some days I indulge in my quirky side wearing Miu Miu and Kate Spade together, whilst other days I can be found in ten year old ripped denim and Converse.

6. Who is your favourite fashion designer?

Hatti – Tough question, it's always changing! The intricately embellished Valentino dresses or the hand painted Burberry textiles were a huge hit for me. Weird and wonderful things are being created all the time. For me it's about mixing it up and people watching is a huge source of inspiration, seeing how people put things together and express themselves always intrigues me.
Natascha – I covet anything from women's wear designer Roberta Einer. Her crisp white shirts with their playful and colourful embellishing look great with the Taschka collection.

6. What would you pair with your new limited edition shoes?

Hatti – The shoe itself is versatile, I would wear them with a number of looks. One would be an oversized fine shirt or billowy romantic blouse tucked in at the font with a pair of skinny jeans or tailored trousers.
Natascha – With JAI “In Bloom” I am wearing light denim with an off the shoulder Bardfot style bodysuit and an oversized blazer. With JAI “Into the Blue” I am mixing black silk wide leg trousers with a knitted vest to give a luxe feel. As the main colours are navy/nude they are both really adaptable to suit everybody's wardrobe, whether it be with boyfriend jeans, tailoring or a dress.

7. What's next for your brands?

Hatti – I would love to do more with Taschka! It's been amazing working with Natascha for PAD Lifestyle. There's a lot going on in the Hatti Pattisson studio. We launched a new cushion and lampshade range earlier in the year and we are working with Turnberry rugs to produce a range of hand tufted rugs which we hope to launch in the coming months. We have also created some bespoke wedding stationary for a beautiful Bride and Groom recently and that's an avenue I'd like to explore. I also have several art exhibitions coming up this year. I'm painting all the time and always working on commissions and new collections for shows. My paintings are the source of my textile designs and with each one I finish, there's always the thought 'is this my next fabric'?
Natascha – Currently I'm working on AW17 designs and the introduction of boots into the collection which is thrilling as I am always looking for the perfect Winter boot. We are hoping to showcase the brand to buyers in Paris and attract some chic, French stockists over the coming year. Next season will see some fun colour combinations with metallics and prints, alongside the classic collection and the final prototyping of our first shoe accessory collection, which will be introduced in 2017. I am also involved in assisting independent designers bring their shoe brand to life with Portuguese manufacture.