We are beyond excited to announce our latest Meet the Designer interview today, with none other than the New York superstar of the interiors world himself, Mr Jonathan Adler!!

Having launched his career in 1993 with a ceramic collection for Barneys, New York, Adler soon began designing all manor of interiors, accessories, furnishings and furniture, under his own name, and all carrying his signature charistmatic style. Now a worldwide sensation, we are incredibly lucky to have had a moment of his time for 20 questions with PAD.

Q. What inspires you to create on a daily basis?

Everything. I keep my eyes and my mind wide open.

Q. In the early days of developing your aesthetic, how influential were your family and friends?

I was fortunate to have super creative parents. My mother's ebullient sense of colour and design continues to influence me.

Q. How would you describe your own style?

Three words: Modern American Glamour.

Q. How did you become a potter?

Honestly, it was because I thought the pottery teacher at summer camp was cute! But from the second I touched clay I felt a connection.

Q. What/who inspired you to become an interior designer?

Like my entire career, it was a happy accident. One of my friends asked me to do her place, then one of her friends asked me, then I was doing the Parker Palm Springs in California.

Q. Having been described by many as an interior design icon, who do you count among your icons - personal, pop culture or otherwise?

Why thank you. My holy trinity is Bonnie Cashin, David Hicks and Alexander Girard. And of course the sartorial concoctions of my hubby Simon Doonan are iconic.

Q. When our customers spot Adler pieces in the PAD studio their faces instantly light up as they exclaim "Fun!" Why do you think it is important to maintain an element of whimsy and playfulness in your designs?

When I think about my work, I am thinking about a chic and classical foundation. If there is fun in my work, it's a whisper. Design should be chic and classical with a whisper of irreverence. You should focus on elegant proportions with uncompromisingly luxe materials and good rigorous design.

Q. The use of brass is very prevalent in your work. What draws you to that particular metal?

Brass is like jewellery for your home. If you're not decorating with brass you're mad.

Q. Top three tunes?

I have the musical taste of a 13 year old girl, so whatever's currently the top 3 songs on the radio are my favorites.

Q. What do you like to do to chill out?

Read, paddleboard and watch TV (not all at the same time).

Q. What are your top three most favourite cities in the world - for fun and for design?

New York, always. London. Tokyo.

Q. What advice would you give to new designers looking to follow in your footsteps to create their own brand?

First, get a job - any job - with a company you admire.

Q. What do you feel is the most fulfilling part of your job?

Being able to spend my days making the stuff I love, surrounded by hilarious and talented people.

Q. Your do's and don'ts for designing an interior scheme?

Do buy a chandelier that is bigger than you think you need and more expensive than you think you can afford. Don't worry about the "rules". If you love it, it will work.

Q. Finally, what's next? Can you tell us about any new things on the horizon for Jonathan Adler Enterprises?

More, more, more. More products, more stores, more collaborations.

Thanks to Jonathan for delighting us with his interview. We have so many of his amazing products available at PAD including pottery, sculptural curiosities in brass, Lucite and marble, as well as some stunning textiles and outstanding luxury furniture. Here are a few snippets from the latest Adler arrivals to PAD this month.

The 1948 dinner wear range is bold, luxurious and contrasting, hand crafted in white porcelain and splattered like a Jackson Pollock painting, in solid liquid gold. Available as a dinner plate, desert plate, soup bowl and tea cup and saucer, it is the ultimate party wear for your festive table this season.

The Chevron X Bench is a vibrant and dynamic piece that works hard in a multitude of settings - as a stylish ottoman to rest your feet, an afternoon tea table when used with a tray, or as seating as a pair opposite your sofa. An iconic Adler piece we can also have it custom ordered in a variety of other chic fabrics. Just ask us about what's available.

Create impact with this sculptural sensation - The Scalinatella Dining Table. Featuring a fascinating organic base made from a singular solid brass tube, paired with a stunning white marble top, this piece is glamorous from top to toe. The ideal wow factor dining table for welcoming your guests and fabulous with the 1948 table wear range.

Lastly, you can get creative with your Christmas decorations this year with these little sculpted gems. Ready to hang with blue ribbon, the elegant dove and curious little feet ornaments are pure and classic looking finished in un-glazed porcelain, and the silver elephant and fox sparkle, glazed in silver and play on Adler's fun character from his Animalia pottery range. Whether you hang them on your tree display or give them as gifts they are just too cute to put down! 


Shop for your Adler treasures with PAD online, or visit us in the Edinburgh studio where we can show you some pieces on display, as well as the full season's catalogue of pieces all made to order.