Enigmatic shoe company United Nude, is at the forefront of technical/architectural advances in shoe design, and we are excited to announce the brand has arrived here at Pad Lifestyle!

The company was founded 10 years ago by Rem D Koolhass, due to the woes of a broken heart. At the time Rem was studying architecture and found himself drawing shoes, one style in particular he later called Möbius. The design was fresh and new and after the advice of many, Rem was encouraged to do something with his wonderful creation; it was groundbreaking. No one had seen anything like it before. 

Collaborating with world famous Galhaad Clark of Clark's shoes, United Nude was born. Named so for its strong belief in teamwork and collaborating in an open and transparent way, this way beautiful things can happen. There are flagships stores in London, Amsterdam and New York, all designed by Rem who finished his architectural degree along side his new venture.

The shoes vary from geometric to contemporary, to almost theatrical. Some particular career highlights include Lady Gaga's fame shoe and collaborations with the world famous architect Zaha Hadid who shares a similar passion for shoes. What United Nude has and continues to do, is fuse the gap between industrial design and fashion. 


The duo create a range of shoes that are stylish and playful, married with the highest caliber of craftsmanship. Ranging from geometric and graphic visions to bold linear colour patterns; their vision is true elegance from heel to toe and having a perfect pair for any occasion.

A Pad Lifestyle favourite includes the best seller 'Fold Mid Bright Mix' heel. The stripes move fluidly over the foot to create a 'scarf like' feel, which is incredibly comfortable for the wearer. The neck is slender and sophisticated adding real fun and flare to any outfit.

This is a unique and inspirational brand displaying the powerful visions of many talented minds, collaborating to create something groundbreaking and at the forefront of their artistry. Whether it's a broken heart or just because, these shoes really are the answer! Shop PAD's initial stock of United Nude's AW15 women's range at the studio in Edinburgh or online and stay in touch to hear about new styles and stock arriving...