Bright colours, bold patterns, orbs, horns and a brass banana! These items may read as a list of movie props, but in the wonderful world of New York designer Jonathan Adler, they are essential tools for adding instant glamour to your home. We at PAD are unbelievably excited to bring this iconic American brand to Scottish shores for the first time.

For 20 years, Adler has remained dedicated to bringing style, craftsmanship, and high-octane personality to the world's most chic interiors. Having discovered the art of pottery at summer camp, Adler was instantly hooked. Much of his youth was spent practicing his 'hobby,' much to the chagrin of his parents and University professors. Nevertheless, he vowed to pursue his dream. Upon showing his first collection to Barney's New York in 1995, Adler received his first order. Thus, the Jonathan Adler brand was born.

In the following years, a variety of cosmopolitan cities began to host his stores. As his success grew so did the company and Adler added "Interior Designer" to his repertoire with collections of furniture, decorative objects, fabrics and much more. Adler's aesthetic is derived from a myriad of sources: the Mid-Century Modern movement, art and popular culture. A perfect combination of timeless, luxury and tongue-in-cheek playfulness is what defines the brand, and undoubtedly contributes to his motto: "If your heirs won't fight over it, we won't make it."

Visit the PAD studio in Edinburgh or to shop our collection of Jonathan Adler furniture, accessories and sculptural objects. Trust us, you heirs will thank you!