Made from pure virgin wool dyed and spun exclusively on the islands of the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, is the world famous Harris Tweed cloth. After 100 years of history "The Orb" – the cloth's official stamp of authenticity, stitched into every length of the legendary tweed – is still making its mark in fashion house and designer studios across the world.

Revered for its characteristic subtle designs in complex natural shades, this beautiful and intricate cloth exudes luxury, heritage, style and quality. It is these core elements that inspired our newest PAD collaborator, Sara Hall of Cocoon Luxury Wear, to create a line of high end, vintage inspired capes in 100% Harris Tweed.

Founded by Hall in February 2015, Cocoon Luxury Wear was born out of a mission as a new mother to replace a woollen cape she had bought for her daughter, Arianna, in Canada. Having outgrown her baby cape and finding nothing similar to buy at home, Hall decided to make her own range of kids capes, using stunning ex-designer tweed cloth from fashion houses in Paris and Milan.

With her first line of kids capes under way Hall was inundated with orders through Facebook, sold out on pre-orders within a matter of weeks, and generated many requests for a range of matching women's capes. Fast forward six months and inspired by her story and beautiful designs we are delighted to be stocking the Cocoon Luxe Autumn/Winter 2015 range of women's capes, in six fabulous cloth designs, at the PAD studio in Edinburgh.

As part of our 'Meet the PAD Designer' blog series, we caught up with Hall to find out more about her stunning capes and what plans she has for the future.

What has influenced your current designs?

Our line of capes are cut from 100% Harris Tweed. I have always had a great love for vintage fashion and tweed has been a regular feature in my wardrobe. I wanted to add a classic twist on a modern cape design, to create a beautiful, high-end product, ensuring excellent quality using Harris Tweed cloth. My original idea with the tweed cape was for kids, but it is a great garment for adults and kids alike – it's stylish, easy to wear and being genuine tweed it's hard wearing enough to look and feel great for years.

Which fashion designers do you admire the most, and why?

When designing my own range I thought a lot about Coco Chanel's adage that 'in order to be irreplaceable one must always be different,' a statement that inspired me to keep things fresh. I am obsessed with Chanel pumps but if I could own any piece it would be have to be vintage Chanel. I also greatly admire Victoria Beckham with her steely determination in creating her now-esteemed fashion House, in addition to caring for her husband and raising four children! A family woman at heart, Victoria Beckham is quite the role model for me, for sure.

Who are your biggest inspirations, and why?

My family. I have a really big family and we are very close - my cousins are like sisters, and my in-laws are like my own. My little girl inspired my first range, and she will always be inspirational for me. My husband is the other half of Cocoon Luxe, although he wouldn't claim to be. He is my daily support and has worked tirelessly to help me turn my dream into reality. He blows me away with his creativity, calmness and love.

What are your plans for Cocoon Luxe?

I see Cocoon Luxe becoming an esteemed brand that will only continue to grow. Though we are only recently established, we already have a presence in fashion magazines and will be featuring in fashion shows in October. I really believe there is no end to what we can achieve as a team!

PAD Lifestyle now carries a stunning range of Cocoon Luxury Wear capes that are available to try on in our studio in Edinburgh, and will be online soon too at We think this is definitely a brand to watch and we are delighted to be working with you Sara!