NEOM Organics London may be a name now synonymous with adjectives like natural, pure and relaxing, but it is essential to know that the brand was born of a serious issue: stress. Having worked in journalism for high flying publications such as Glamour, Marie Claire and InStyle Magazine, NEOM founder Nicola Elliott was becoming more and more aware of this insidious problem, which is expected to become a leading cause of diseases by 2020.

Harnessing her passion for wellbeing, Elliott studied nutrition and aromatherapy in her spare time, creating different aromatherapy products for family and friends. This soon blossomed into an idea to develop a brand based on the "science of scent therapy," which could combat the effects of stress. In 2005 Elliott founded NEOM Organics with Oliver Mennell, combining their initials to create the brand's identity.

In addition to their heavenly scent and chic, minimalist design, NEOM products have proven therapeutic benefits. They are 100% natural and free of harmful carcinogens, so pure, in fact, that they hit 50 million receptors in the nose where hormones are stored and where they work to improve mood, boost energy, and reduce stress. Over the last decade, NEOM has won over 30 awards for exceptional contributions to the world of wellbeing, for everything from beauty to design. 

At PAD we are absolutely thrilled to welcome NEOM to our Edinburgh studio, and we are now stocking a wide range of luxurious wellbeing products for you to try at home. Visit our New Town studio today to experience the science of scent therapy and be inspired by Elliott's motto: "wellbeing is fundamentally about looking after yourself and feeling the best you can feel."