Fleurs Uniques: Introducing Tsé & Tsé Associées

The brainchild of founders Catherine Levy and Sigolene Prebois, Tse & Tse Associees is an iconic brand that blends effortless, Parisian chic with cool eccentricity - and they've just arrived at PAD! Decades ago the pair met as teenagers and were instant friends, bonding over a mutual love of all things unique. Following their passion to create, they found a studio and immediately set about building the internationally renowned company that exists today.

Inspiration for Tse & Tse objects is derived from their world travels, such as the large 'Boukhara' plate that boasts a traditional Uzbek pattern. Laboratory test tubes and Japanese Ikebana inspired the famed 'April' vase, which has been integrated into the Georges Pompidou Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection since 1995.

Other objects take on a more whimsical character, such as the 'Fingerprint' glass wear range, with engraved fingerprints on each piece adding a bit of playful cheek to one's dinner table.

We are very happy that PAD now stocks a diverse range of Tse & Tse objects, both online and in the studio in Edinburgh. Our stock arrived from France this morning! For any further information about the brand and what we stock please visit and browse the Accents page to shop their tablewear, lighting and mirror ranges, pop by in the studio or send us an email at