Art & Collaboration

One of our aims with the PAD Lifestyle studio is to provide a creative hub, bridging multiple interior design disciplines, offering clients inspiration for their design schemes, from colour and texture, papers, furniture and accessories to art work, whether it's for business, pleasure or both. Our approach to designing interiors at PAD is very much driven with art in mind. Clients' tastes in art can be very revealing about the interiors they desire. Curating art for clients during the interior design process can help create show stopping spaces with real soul.

Working in collaboration with Arusha Gallery on Dundas Street, PAD is currently showcasing work from two of their fabulous artists, Paul Kessling and Paul Wright. Arusha Gallery offers a portfolio of award-winning artists for clients, for both private and corporate spaces, with subject matter varying from the representational and figurative to pure abstraction. We have worked with Bella and her team to source inspiring art for our interior schemes and clients, and their expertise and relaxed approach has been wonderful.

Born in Dundee, Paul Kessling studied sculpture at Wimbledon School of Art (1985-87) and went on to study his MA at The Royal College of Art (1987-89). Inspired by the work of Constable, Kessling's abstract landscape paintings focus on the changing weather and skies during a storm. The movement and fluidity within Kessling's work is what makes them most recognisable. Working quickly with ever changing wet paint, he creates layers which dissolve and hide themselves away from view, polishing off his work when all layers are dry. In working this way, Kessling creates visually powerful paintings which are rich in colour, form and texture.

Paul Wright's intriguing and technically fantastic figurative paintings both confuse the eye and reveal a subject simultaneously. Having initially trained as an illustrator, Wright now uses painterly language to achieve more in his paintings than a mere likeness to the subject. Having participated in many exhibitions both in the UK and worldwide, he often works on a large imposing scale, though the work remains approachable through its rich colour palate and fluency of brush work. The spaces the subjects inhabit are often indeterminate, providing an atmosphere that allows for ambiguity of psychological state.

To arrange private viewings of the art at the PAD studio or to obtain further information about the artists contact Arusha Gallery on 0131 557 1412 or visit To arrange an interior design consultation contact PAD at or stop by the studio.