"We take pleasure in the small details in design that make all the difference." Eichholtz

The latest luxury interiors brand to join the PAD Collective is Netherlands-based Eichholtz, a stylish company founded twenty years ago by travel inspired Theo Eichholtz, the son of a merchant in "upscale grocery stores" founded in 1888.

For Theo, his passion for the elegant, international interiors he is known for today, began with his early travels to Asia and the United States, where he first encountered furniture that, as he describes, matched his passion for ambience. Originally under the name Eichholtz Overseas Decorations, he started importing furniture, lighting and accessories. Starting in Indonesia, his field of activity expended to include countries including such as Burma, India, China and Thailand.

Eichholtz views the real voyage of discovery in life to consist not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. This philosophy, together with his design aesthetic for contemporary shapes and luxurious materials, and influenced by museums, antique auctions and antique dealers from around the world, has come together in the stunning collections we see by the company today.

Talking about craftsmanship, Eichholtz is still fascinated by the skill of the people in these countries. "I have the good fortune of visiting Asia several times each year with my team. In these countries there is no such thing as 'a rush job.' Authentic guilds that died out centuries ago in the Netherlands, are still in existence there. These are craftsmen who are able to cast copper, cut wood, blow glass and weave rattan. It is those traditional craft-based qualities that Eichholtz is still able to deploy nowadays in the manufacture of quality products."

At PAD we are so excited about the arrival of our first shipment from Eichholtz in the coming days. We have a few exquisite pieces now available online. One is this ornate Chinese blue ceramic Glamour Vase. The sculptural body of the vase is topped with a matching glazed ceramic lid. It's vivid hue will add a wonderful colour injection and Asian hand crafted look to your accessory collection.


The luxurious and organic form of the Boylan Side Table is a beauty to behold. The table top is a piece of solid petrified wood, a long process in which trees that have been buried for many years under sediment that they transition into stone. Each piece is unique and no two are alike in colour or shape making this a stand out piece for your interior, whether used as an end table or paired in the bedroom as eclectic side tables.

Or why not add a touch of the classic to your space with the Chair Castel, a stunning Essex Blue button-backed armchair. Inspired by antique French furniture and the classic British Chesterfield chair, this alluring piece features a dark wooden piano black carved frame and exquisite studded detailing. A pair of these would create a truly glamorous feel around a feature fireplace for an evening cocktail!


For enquiries about our new Eichholtz collection or to view the catalogue in full contact Stay tuned for more from Eichholtz to come to PAD this summer.