Studio Kalff: Upcycled Glassware making Modern History

The latest batch of glassware from Amsterdam-based Studio Kalff has landed at Pad and we’re excited (as you should be too)! True to the aesthetic language developed by brand originator Roos Kalff, the new candlesticks and “This Way Up” glasses bridge the gap between past and present. 


The imaginative combinations of reused vintage glasses help to create glassware that is as innovative as it is beautiful, which stand out boldly amongst their contemporary peers.

Current shopping trends are kicking against generic mass-produced products and unsustainability and Studio Kalff's glassware wholly epitomises this new attitude. The range is defined by its upcycling of old glasses which, in turn, ensures that each piece is fabulously unique, making them the perfect treat for your home!

While their unconventional aesthetic means Studio Kalff’s glasswares are excellent as decorative curiosities in their own right, it is as functional homewares that they come into their own. They are perfect for dinner parties or cocktails with friends (the high quality craftsmanship means you won’t have to worry about spilt drinks or wax).

The playful reconfiguration of recognisably vintage forms into striking, slender stacks of glass means the glasses and candlesticks lend an air of both historic sophistication and quirky modern fun to any room.

Their unusual nature is sure to provoke comment from guests - why not create some fictional history to accompany your glasses (“Did you know this was the third to last glass Audrey Hepburn ever drank out of?!”). Or you could just let them know where you got them, this cool wee store,!

Designer Roos Kalff hand picks vintage glasses in lots of complimentary colours and styles to create these fascinating objects, and as a result each and every piece is totally unique. We have lots to choose from which has made it a little tricky to photograph each and every piece for online shopping this time. So why not pop in to one of our Pad stores at Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge or Edinburgh and cast your eyes over what we have to offer. Studio Kalff might have made the first hard choice, but that's not to say it'll be easy hand picking between their creations! If you can't visit us in store, do order online and we'll pick out something fantastic - everyone's a guaranteed winner in this lucky dip!