Stepping into the new year in style; the top home interior design trends to note for 2021

‘New year, new you?’, the four words we always hear when January arrives.

Well, after the past few months we’ve just had, we think we should give ourselves a break this year. Let’s ditch the latest exercise regime, scrap the new hobby and instead, roll up our sleeves and focus on giving our home a new lease of life instead.

And after being cooped in our homes for months on end, even if we do love our current interior design scheme, there’s no harm in adding a few key, on-trend pieces to see our home in a new light.

And that’s where PAD Lifestyle can help.

From home-office chic to a new warm colour palette, we’ve shared the top interior design trends to take note of this new year so that you can be a step ahead of the crowd and welcome in the new year in style.

Ahead of the curve

curve sofa

Inspired by the homes of the ’60s, the trend for curved furniture is certainly making a comeback for the 2020’s.

The trend for all things straight, sleek and geometric has covered the pages of trend magazines over the past few years. So this new shape preference certainly adds a fresh, new dimension to the interior design world.

These playful curved sides add a softer, more comfortable feel to a space and certainly reflect the ‘60s era effortlessly.

If you’re willing to embrace the trend in its entirety, the Jonathan Adler ‘Ether Curved Sofa’ will create interest and shape to any standard ‘box’ room.

With its velvet finish and brass legs, this piece will certainly add a sense of luxury to a living room and will be a key feature in any space.

Utilising light and mirrored surfaces will also encourage the feeling of space in a room, whilst subtly embracing this trend for curved shapes.

This beautiful round mirror from designer Ruth & Joanna is the perfect option and will become a key feature in any space across your home.

With its brass accents, it will fit perfectly with any colour scheme and continue to reflect and bounce the light in a room to create the feeling of additional space.

Step into the warmth

warm colours

Your home is the place where you should feel the most comfortable. 

And with light, cool tones being an interior design favourite in recent years, we’re seeing a desire to move away from these stark shades to create a more warm, welcoming feel to the home.

From deep reds to burnt oranges, interesting textures and cosy lighting, the trend for warm shades has arrived.

And what could embrace this trend more than the stunning ‘Tearoom Sofa’ in velvet from designer, Menu?

The beautiful, deep red colourway for this piece makes it a stand-out feature in any living room, helping to add that feeling of warmth that is so on-trend.

The velvet’s luxurious feel helps to add another element to this key piece and can create depth to a simplistic interior design scheme.

If your style is all about standing out, then you’ll also love this ‘ Tassel Ceiling Lamp’ from Madam Stoltz, paired with its on-trend burnt orange colourway.

It can be perfectly placed in a dining area as a key piece to start up a conversation or even for a simplistic lounge area to add interest and tie in similar warm tones.

So, if you’ve been a lover of the ‘all-white’ trend for a while, then maybe it’s time to step out of the cold, and embrace these warm hues for a space you’ll love to arrive home to.

Time for texture


Texture can undoubtedly help to add another dimension to a space when it comes to interior design.

Set to be a big trend in 2021, it’s an era where we’re saying goodbye to the clean, sleek lines of past contemporary furnishings.

Instead, this particular trend is about utilising different fabrics to create a warm, comfortable room space designed for living in.

Whether it’s furniture or soft furnishings, you can embrace this trend with cleverly selected pieces that work texturally well together.

Utilising rugs, another big trend for 2021, is an easy way of making a space feel ‘lived in’ and can tie in colours, textures and prints for the most perfectly suited interior design scheme.

The Broste Copenhagen ‘Janson Rug’ is made from a ‘fluffy’ looking cotton that feels soft, comfortable and luxurious underfoot, whilst still looking modern and ‘clean’ in its creamy white colourway.

With the brand nailing Scandi-chic to a tee, this piece will be a longstanding feature in the home, and, when paired with similar tonal shades, will stand the test of time in the style stakes.

If you’re looking to add a simple nod to this texture trend, cushions and throws are an easy way to add interest in the form of fabrics and colours.

The L’Objet ‘Boucle Throw’ in grey combines wool and mohair for the perfect cosy companion on a winter's evening.

Throw on a bed, or drape over your sofa for a chic design feature that is both stylish and practical.

Home is where the office is

home office workspace

In the past year, we’ve certainly become accustomed to the reality of working from home.

From makeshift desks to impractical chairs, never before have we had to ‘work-proof’ our homes where functional interiors have won out over our favourite stylish pieces.

But can we have both?

As home working continues to be the norm for many, the trend for creating more fashion-forward yet functional working spaces has immediately hit our radar.

We’re starting to see designers push their trend-led home office products, and we are big fans of the ‘Rail Desk’ from Menu; a perfect solution for cramped living spaces or apartments.

Helping to maximise on space, the Rail Desk not only stands tall in the style stakes but offers practicality too.

Also don't forget to get yourself a plywood desk or a solid wood desk for your home office.

Lighting is another key element in the home office, where sufficient light is needed to minimise headaches and eye strain when working on computers or laptops.

If you’re short of space or are using up all your available plug sockets with devices for work, this portable and chargeable ‘Carrie LED Lamp’ from Menu is the perfect solution to add a subtle glow around any work area.

Whether you work from your kitchen, living room or even your bed, this portable light can allow you to work flexibly from anywhere at any time.

Inspired by the ‘hygge’ trend, this lamp isn’t just for work either; it can be utilised in any cosy space that needs a little lift in a darker part of the home.

And we could all do with some organisation in our lives. And this A2 Message Board from Design Letters can certainly get your work life in check, whilst still keeping with the trends.

Jot down your to-do list for the day, and then easily remove the letters to write down your shopping list; it’s that easy to make this product work for both home and work life.

Bringing the outside in

bringing the outside in

We’ve spent the past few months embracing the outdoors as our way of feeling a sense of freedom.

So, it’s not surprising that adding more natural elements to the home will make us feel that same emotion whilst we continue to stay cooped up indoors.

By utilising more natural features within the home, it’s actually been proven to improve our mood, and can certainly make any space feel more calming and relaxed.

Of course, a vase full of freshly picked flowers will help to add greenery to the home, but how about trying something completely different to really embrace this trend?

The range from Design House Stockholm, the much-loved Swedish design brand, makes the most of natural elements to bring the outside in.

The Greenhouse Terrarium is the perfect addition for those looking to add ‘living’ elements to the home effortlessly.

Its light wood finish will work in various interior design schemes and can be adorned with hardy plants that need little upkeep.

To make natural elements a key focal point in your home, you could also try the Design House Stockholm ‘Flower Box Stand’, a beautiful planter which can be added with seasonal plants. 

With a beautiful wooden stand and on-trend metal legs, this modern design lets the plants do the talking.

Designed to allow for the circulation of air and to avoid condensation, the planter can be used across the home to infuse the space with bright colours and satisfy that need for green.

So, are you thinking about updating your homeware this season? If so, which trend is calling your name?

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