At PAD Lifestyle, we’re always in awe of the level of creativity that goes into the collections by Pols Potten

Being a fan of the brand for many years, we await a new collection with bated breath, and its latest collaboration with tattoo artist, Robert Aalbers, did not disappoint.

Coveted Dutch tattoo artist, Robert Aalbers is renowned within the industry, creating his signature style of striking, colour-filled inkings and graphics after over 25 years in the creative sector.

Robert Aalbers tattoo

Founder of the Clean Solid Tattoo studio, based in Waalwijk in The Netherlands, Robert’s inspiration for bright and bold creations came alive through his love for the skate and punk scene during his teenage years.

Following his love for these cultures, he spent the next two decades honing his tattoo artistry, and now boasts titles such as ‘designer’ and ‘visual artist’, staying true to his signature aesthetic.

Wanting to branch out his creativity into other areas of the artistic world, the opportunity to create a collection with Pols Potten was a bright idea that came about at just the right time in his career.

Robert said of the collection: “The Pols Potten collaboration came along at the perfect time, I was looking to do something else within my artistic capacity.

Pols Potten collaboration with Robert Aalbers

“I’m not bored of what I’m doing; I just have more to offer. I can do other things. I’m an artist. Pols Potten has opened up an opportunity for me to do something totally different.”

Alongside his spate of television appearances on Dutch show, Tattoo Disasters, the new tableware collection has offered Robert another creative outlet for his unique creations.

The ceramics set in collaboration with Pols Potten is, of course, solely inspired by his love and passion for tattoo artistry. 

The bold, bright graphics follow nautical and romance themes, synonymous with Robert’s renowned aesthetic, and will be a particularly unique addition to any home.

The full collection boasts a range of tableware including cups, side plates and dinner plates that will create vibrant, stylistic serving opportunities for special occasions or to just bring colour to an everyday meal.

Each set comes in its own branded gift box, making it a wonderful present for those that love something unique and bold, or as a keepsake to upgrade your dining experience.

Robert Aalbers collection

As part of the collaboration, Pols Potten is showcasing a range of Robert’s art pieces, including the full ceramics collection, as part of an in-store art exhibition, running until the end of the year.

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