Newness from Danish design house, MENU

Rose Calacatta Viola Marble Plinths

A tribute to the beauty of marble, MENU’s famous Plinth collection is extended with the addition of rose-coloured marble: Calacatta Viola is an off-white marble with striking purple veining. Equal parts beautiful and timeless, the marble plinth is a sculptural piece in its own right, as well as a sophisticated platform for whatever objects rest upon it. Designed by Norm Architects, Plinth comes in cubic, tall, and low versions. Shop here.


Eave Dining Sofa

The architecture-inspired Eave collection gains a new member this season with the addition of a banquette. The Eave Dining Sofa is designed to meet the needs of both professional and residential design, blurring the lines between the private and the public. Creating a welcoming fusion of sofa and bench to bring a homely aesthetic to new territories, the functional new design is set on slender metal legs for a light expression and easy access to the floor for cleaning.

The beautifully minimalist sofa is offered in a range of standard sizes well suited for use in restaurants and hotels, but also for the home as a substitute for a bench or traditional dining chairs. Menu offers bespoke solutions to accommodate individual requirements for height, length and depth, as well as upholstery fabric.


Nimbus Mirrors

The Nimbus Mirror collection makes a feature of the negative space surrounding its light-reflecting glass. The compact design was created specifically for smaller spaces, without sacrificing the beauty and function of great design and the need for daily reflection – quite literally. The polished or bronzed brass mirror defines a space with its soothing and sophisticated shape. Shop here.


Afteroom plywood dining chairs

MENU’s Afteroom Collection is defined by a ‘less is more’ aesthetic that profiles honest materials on elegant furniture with lasting appeal. Continuing the streamlined simplicity of the series, the new Afteroom Dining Chair Plus reveals a chair in its most simplistic form. Made from a humble, yet highly versatile material, the new plywood design is made from thin sheets of oak veneer that have been glued in layers with grains running in opposite directions.

Incredibly strong and exceedingly lightweight, the gently curved chair is available in natural, dark stained or black oak, which each profile the natural beauty of the wood grain and lend warmth to the design. The addition of textile upholstery further enhances the level of comfort and the soft silhouette makes it easy to style in a range of spaces.


Hashira Lighting collection

The Hashira collection is a modern, Nordic take on the traditional Japanese rice paper lantern. A fusion of East and West, tradition and modernity, and a perfect balance of aesthetics, proportion, simplicity and character, Hashira is a new collection of floor, table and pendant lamps for modern spaces. Designed by Norm Architects, the collection takes its cues from visits to traditional Japanese Washi papermakers and its name from the Japanese word for column or pillar. Available in table, floor, single pendant in two sizes and cluster pendant in two sizes. Shop the collection here.


Rail Desk

The new Rail Desk, imagined by Japanese designer Keiji Ashizawa, explores the way in which we use space and how design elements can be adapted to serve different functions. The neat, precision-made piece conveys a sense of serene practicality. With multiple functions – as a desk, counter or shelf to store books, hung at any height you choose – it lends itself to almost any setting and fits neatly into living areas as well as bedrooms.

The minimalist steel bracket attaches to the wall and takes its cues from the handrail of a staircase. The wooden platform, available in natural or stained oak, provides a tactile contrast to the precision metalwork. Shop here.



Reverse Table Lamp

The Reverse lamp is a new lighting solution that highlights the beauty of natural materials. In his search for simple and clever solutions, Danish designer Aleksandar Lazic looked to Italian marble tables from the 1970s when creating the Reverse Lamp. The conical travertine base and curved and bronzed aluminium shade define the lamp’s perfectly balanced expression.

The light diffuses evenly across the unworked stone, left raw to allow the light to highlight its natural imperfections, revealing shadows and an intriguing colour play that seems to stem from the base itself. Fitted with a dim-to-warm LED light source, the Reverse Lamp casts warm light on a bedside table or subdued light on a cabinet surface, making it an elegant solution to a multitude of lighting needs. Shop here.



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