The latest lifestyle brands you need to know for AW20

Home is where the heart is.

And when a new season arrives, it’s the perfect time to bring the love back to your home, through all the senses.

From delicate scents to plush soft furnishings, a re-inspired home isn’t just a treat for the eyes. 

Which is why for the autumn/winter season, it’s time to shine a light on some of the newest, lesser-known lifestyle brands that you really need to have on your radar.

From the most stylish soaps you can set your eyes on, to the latest organic skincare, set your sights on the brands that are making their mark in the lifestyle world.


Your skin needs love too, and that's where Jorgobé leads the way.

Jorgobe product collection

What we know will be your new favourite name in skincare, Jorgobé is an award-winning Danish lifestyle brand designed with simplicity and sustainability in mind.

Jorgobé believes in creating products that are as good for your skin as they are for your conscience.

The team selects highly concentrated formulas perfect to balance out your skin, with the added bonus of vegan ingredients, FSC-certified packaging and being cruelty free.

From light yet luxurious 'Peel Off Masks' to thirst-quenching Hydrating Glow Serums, this is a skincare regime that'll not only make you look good, but feel good too.

With sleek stylish packaging, your beauty shelf will never have looked this good too.

Check out the full skincare line, here.

Seem Soaps

Founded in 2015, the Seem Soap Studio is a Design and Creation Studio based in Paris.

Created by designers Mathilde Lehmann and Valentine Sée, the innovative studio focuses on bringing art and functional design to everyday objects.

And that’s when ‘Seem Soaps’ was born.

seem soaps

Soap, although quite a mundane part of everyday life, has been re-imagined by the two designers as an additional focal point to your bathroom space.

Made by hand using natural, organic, ingredients and a vegetable soap base, the new range boasts delicious scents, colourful tones and sculptural designs.

If that’s not sold you enough, each beautifully crafted soap from the collection is delivered in recyclable, branded packaging.

It’s fair to say your bathroom will never have looked so stylish and chic.

Browse the latest releases from the studio, here.


Beauty is only skindeep, so it’s just as important to look after the inside, as it is to make the outside look beautiful too.

And that’s where Grown comes into play. 

grown tea cup

Using potent, natural ingredients including plants, herbs and mushrooms, this health tonic brand will help bring calm to your daily life.

We could all do with a drop of mental sharpness and focus, and the Grown range can help benefit your concentration when taken daily.

All the ingredients used in Grown’s products are naturally grown, either organically or wild-harvested, GMO-free and non-irradiated. 

What’s more, it’s sleek packaging will look great in your home, so you’ve got style on the outside, and goodness on the inside.

Check out the latest range from Grown, here.

Make sure to hop on these up-and-coming lifestyle brands for an envy-inducing lifestyle stash for the new season.