Established in 2019, RLI is a design-led, luxury home fragrance brand based in London. We let Founder and Creative Director, Rachele Innocenti Langmuir, take over our Instagram earlier this week to share the inspiration behind the brand and what to expect from her products, here’s what we found out! 


Brand Ethos

The first collection draws inspiration from Rachele’s fondest travel memories, with each candle representing a special place in the world and each scent inspired by the local flowers and aromas. While they are universal scents, they are personal to her, as each fragrance represents a different story and evokes memories of her different adventures. 




The unique illustration embossed on the glass vessels were provided by the talents of Cecilia Carlstedt, an artist based in Stockholm. The simple, clean lines reflect the minimalist yet bold aesthetic and luxury feel that RLI represents. 

All of Rachele’s candles are hand-poured in the UK, and each product is a luxurious and collectable item to be treasured long after the wax is gone!


The first three scents RLI has released are the following:


RLI Capri Blue Scented Candle

Capri Blue 

Capri Blue is a summery scent, reminiscent of Rachele’s engagement on an island in the South of Italy. The fragrance symbolises a beautiful hot summer’s day with fresh notes of Neroli, Bergamot, Sea Salt and Geranium.


RLI Up in the Andes Scented Candle

Up in the Andes

Up in the Andes is inspired by the memory of an early-morning horse ride through the Andes. Rachele spent a few months backpacking in South America, as she travelled the world after University. With rich notes of blackcurrant, pine needles, aged leather and pink pepper, this fragrance reminds her of the wonderful times she spent in all the places she visited; in particular San Martin de Los Andes in Patagonia.




R(H)OME encapsulates the essence of Rachele’s home. Born and raised in Rome, she produced this fragrance to reinterpret her own memories by including the scent of mimosa and pomegranate - reminiscent of the trees in her garden - as well as amber, to produce a warm, deep fragrance.

Coping with the COVID-19 lockdown



“In these complex times for the world, being a small business owner is definitely challenging. We have had to shift our focus to digital sales channels in these months, and I am personally devoting more time to the back-end of the business (including admin tasks and finance function), which somehow always seem to get somewhat overlooked in busier times! 
I am also using the extra time to think about new products, and how to best connect with our customers. Whilst it may be hard to find a “normal routine” and be as productive in these stressful days, I am trying to focus on the positives and take it day-by-day (I am definitely spending way too much time with our beloved cat Leo!).”

Take a look at our RLI collection or contact us to find out more at, we would love to hear from you!