A Trend-led Twist to Tradition: Discover The Tartan Blanket Co at PAD

TBCo blankets styled at PAD Lifestyle boutique

A cup of tea, a soft blanket and a bit of quiet. The Tartan Blanket Co. believes slow living is more than just a collection of nice moments, but rather an act of great daring. For co-founders, Emma and Fergus MacDonald, choosing peace over pressure in the face of endless to do-lists, unhung laundry and life’s inevitable chaos is a learned art and was a large part of the decision to leave their jobs in London in 2014. With dreams of creating a business that balanced doing what they loved with the family life they had always dreamed of, they returned home to Edinburgh.


What followed was a lot of hard work and learning how to best utilise each other’s skills. With Fergus’s background in business and the highland-wear industry, and Emma’s experience in fashion buying and merchandising, they saw a golden opportunity to introduce a design-led approach to traditional Scottish goods and so, the Tartan Blanket Co. was born. In a renovated warehouse in Leith, a creative hub nestled among the old docks of Edinburgh, The Tartan Blanket Co. is surrounded by the company’s primary source of inspiration: the deep chill and long nights of Scottish winters. That’s why their ethos has become Colsie, which is old Scots for 'cosy' and means the habit of embracing winter darkness and finding comfort and warmth in life’s simple pleasures.

TBCo blankets styled at PAD Lifestyle boutique & Harvey Nichols concession

From the rolling hills of the rainy highlands, to the cobbled streets of Edinburgh, their collection seeks to merge the colours and textures of Scotland into a contemporary line that welcomes style and warmth into the home. Breaking away from the more traditional tartans, TBCo. is known for their limited edition designs that revisit classic weaving techniques with modern colourways and patterns in a variation of wool types. Featuring best selling products like Recycled Wool Blankets (70% wool and 30% recycled fibres saved from landfill), The Tartan Blanket Co. is placing an emphasis on the sustainable, breathable and timeless benefits of wool. 

TBCo blankets styled at PAD Lifestyle Harvey Nichols concession

Find The Tartan Blanket Co. products at our Howe St boutique,
Harvey Nichols Edinburgh concession store and online.

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