A stylish space is on the ‘Menu’; our seasonal picks

As May has arrived, it’s the perfect time to get the home looking as good as new; well, they don’t call it a ‘Spring clean’ for nothing.

And clean lines are certainly on the ‘menu’ as the new season nears, with a range of stylish pieces from one of our favourite, famed brands, ‘Menu’.

The latest collection from the award-winning Danish design house, features items that are perfect for use across the home.

Each piece reimagines classic elegance, mixing in minimalist elements to create functional items that can fit in effortlessly with a contemporary design scheme.

And to celebrate the start of May we’ve selected our top picks from the latest collection to make sure your home is looking fresh and updated.

The ‘Echasse’ vase

Echasse vase

This ‘amber’ colourway is a new release for the popular ‘Echasse’ vase and creates the perfect lift of colour for any room with a neutral colour scheme.

Inspired by laboratory test tubes, the ‘Echasse’ range of vases have slender, ‘stilt-like’ supporting legs to support its beautiful, sleek glass frame to create an elegant silhouette.

The latest amber shade is a stunning new feature for spring, creating a feeling of warmth in preparation for the upcoming seasons.

Paired with beiges, creams and a host of neutral tones, this new Echasse vase should be a key feature for your spring/summer homeware, bringing the feeling of warmth and comfort, whatever the season.

Two Piece Bottle Grinder

Bottle grinder

Although a particular mundane part of our home life, you may never have considered upping your bottle grinder in the style stakes.

But, we can certainly persuade you with this bottle grinder set, adding a modern ‘twist’ to the common kitchen utensil.

Crafted from ceramic, these new grinder colourways are available in stunning neutral ivory and grey matte shades, instantly stepping up your kitchen or dining table style.

With a beautiful glazed finish, this high-quality set will undoubtedly stand the test of time and provide you with functionality and style in abundance.

A salt and pepper set re-imagined for a ‘show home’, are you ready to step up your utensils for the season ahead?

Passage stool

passage stool

Stools can be, yet again, another mundane part of styling out the home. 

But the release of the latest ‘Passage’ stool from Menu is perfect for adding a stylish, trend-led piece to your interior design scheme.

Crafted from FSC-certified solid oak, this beautiful, multi-use stool can be used across the home, wherever you need an extra chair, table or furniture piece.

Whether you’re looking for a space-saving seat solution or a new side table to showcase your latest decorative purchase, this stool has all the style and sophistication to play to your needs.

Showcasing the work of skilled carpenters, the Passage stool brings this simple, traditional piece to the 21st century.

Plinth Marble Shelf

plinth shelf

There’s no mistaking the elegance and sophistication of marble; it has a luxury feel that no other material can recreate.

So, why not utilise the beautiful white-veined marble of ‘Grey Kendzo’ in your shelving, with this Plinth Marble shelf.

Thick, block shelving can often feel heavy in a minimalist interior design scheme. But Menu’s Plinth shelf has unique light-reflecting qualities that bounce the natural daylight across a room to enhance the space effortlessly.

Whether you utilise the piece for a bookshelf or display ledge, this shelf certainly has plenty of different styling opportunities. 

And in a neutral grey colourway, it can easily complement any colour scheme to suit your preferences.

Make shelving stylish with this elegant piece from the new collection.

‘Levitate’ Pendant Light

Levitate pendant light

Lighting is always a simple way of adding style to a space without investing in a full room redesign.

The ‘Levitate’ pendant light’s aluminium shade is certainly a style statement in itself, tying in a modern design scheme with ease.

The light also features a beautiful, elegant glass diffuser, which creates an ambient glow that will warm even the coolest of colour palettes.

Pair with other Pendant lights to create an installation that stands out with minimal effort.

Ribbon basket

ribbon basket

You may think that baskets are a long-forgotten home feature, but Menu’s Ribbon basket utilises the practicality of the storage item with the addition of a modern-day makeover.

Whether it’s for a bedroom, living room or kitchen, the Ribbon basket has beautiful, metal curves that certainly bring the piece to the 21st century for a modern, stylistic feature.

Pick out your perfect coffee table books, and why not use the basket for a modern take on the magazine rack? The possibilities with this Ribbon basket are endless.

So, will you be preparing your home for a spring clean as the new season approaches?

With a range of new-in pre order pieces available from a variety of top designers from across the world, now’s the perfect time to style up your property as we continue to stay safe at home.

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